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While the pandemic has helped all motorcycle sales in 2021 and in 2020 off-road models saw the greatest growth. And dirt bikes are among the most popular of these off-pavement motorcycleS. Especially since they do excellent companion on motorhome trips to national and state parks. Of course, some drivers want to get more miles out of their machines and start driving on paved, uh, roads. And if you are one of them, the first thing you should do is make sure your dirt bike is street legal unless you want to deal with unpleasant consequences.

There is more than one type of dirt bike

2022 Honda CRF250R dirt bike | Honda Powersports

Before delving into street legal status, the first thing to understand is that all non-dirt bikes are created equal. And we’re not talking about things like displacement, two-stroke vs. four-stroke or Petrol vs. electric. No, ‘dirt bike’ technically refers to a whole family of off-road motorcycles, Bike world explained.