Adventure Rider Hall of Wisdom

ABS Reset 1100/1150 GS ABS Reset Procedure (26 KB PDF).
ABS Startup Rewire GS ABS-II Startup Rewire Instructions by Mick McKinnon (16 KB html).
ABS-3 Service How To Bleed BMW's 'Power Brakes' by Dana Hager (1.4MB PDF).
ABS-3 Service Tool Make A 'Power Brake' Filling Adapter Tool by Dana Hager (671 KB PDF).
ABS-2 Modulator Repair Disassembly and Analysis of a ABS-2 Modulator (1.4 MB PDF).
Airhead Buyers Guide Airhead-that-isn't-currently-running Buyers Guide (36 KB doc).
BMW Switch Rehab Dr Ducks BMW Switch rehab 12 step program (68 KB html).
BMW Tech Terms Germant to English Translation of Schematic Tech Terms (65 KB PDF).
BFD-rear How To Replace The Rear Brake Pads On The GS (1.1 MB PDF).
Cam Chain Tensioner Swap Detailed Photo Journal Thread For Oilheads (112 KB html).
Cam Chain Tensioner Parts Oilhead Cam Chain Tensioner Parts Thread.
Changing oilhead final drive seal Oilhead final drive seal replacement.
Cam Chain Tensioner Parts Oilhead Cam Chain Tensioner Parts Thread (832KB PDF).
Easy way to empty a GS tank Use the fuel pump to empty your GS tank
Changing Oil on an LC4 How To Change The Oil And Filter On A KTM LC4 (1.3 MB PDF).
Final Drive R & R R-dubb & Ricky's Do's And Don'ts For Changing The Final Drive.
Garage Opener Wiring A Garage Door Opener To Your R11xx. (188 KB PDF)
GS FD Big Bearing swap Manual on Changing the Final Drive Big Bearing (124 KB PDF).
GS Clutch Flush w/pics GS Hydraulic Clutch Flush with pictures (html document)
GS Clutch Replace 1150GS Clutch Replacement thread (html document)
GS Clutch Slave Replace GS Hydraulic Clutch Slave Replacement thread (html document)
GS Hand Grip Swap GS Hand Grip Replacement by Mike O (html document)
GSOIA GS Shock Install and Adjustment (3.4 MB PDF).
GS Sidestand Interlock Bypass 4 Dummies GS Side Stand Safety Interlock Bypass 4 Dummies by DrData (1.7 MB PDF).
GS Speedo Fix GS Speedometer Accuracy Fix Thread (html document)
GS Throttle Cable replacement by Mike O (html document)
GS Windscreen FAQ Amazing Resource For Solving Buffetitis.
GS Windscreen Thread Amazing Thread Associated With The Windscreen FAQ, Above.
Home Made ParaLever Tool Instructions and pics on making a Paralever assembly tool (html doc).
Iron Butt Wisdom Long Distance Riding Wisdom From The Masters.
KLR Alternator Mod Alternator upgrade for KLR (128 KB PDF).
KLR DIY LED Aux Lights KLR DIY LED Aux Light Mod (html doc).
KLR Doohickey Mod KLR Doohickiy Mod (3.1MB pdf doc).
KLR LED Tail Light Mod KLR LED Tailight Mod (html doc).
KLR Subframe Mod KLR Subframe drill thru mod (html doc).
LC4 Bearing How To How to replace the LC4 left side main shaft bearing (710 KB PDF).
LC4 Valve Inspection How To Inspect The Valves On A KTM LC4 In 3 Steps (930 KB PDF).
LC4 Water Pump Rebuild How to rebuild the LC4 Water Pump by LC4 Pilot (120 KB HTML).
Motorcycle FAQ FAQ On Motorcycling In General.
OGSWTT Oilhead GS Spoke Wheel Tightening and Truing (90k PDF).
Oilhead Fork Seal Replacment HTML document of thread with pics (28 KB html).
Oilhead Maintenance PDF Manual by Carl Kulow (92 KB PDF).
Oilhead Starter Mod Help jump start the bike (124 KB html).
Oilhead Timing the easy way Walkthrough of timing setting.
OREPAD Oilhead Rocker Endplay Adjustment For The R259 Engine (780 KB PDF).
OVAD Oilhead Valve Adjustment for Dummies (763 KB PDF).
Pennytech side cases w/pics Build your own side cases (360 KB html).
R11xxGS Oil Sight Glass Swap How To replace an R11xx oil sight glass (9.2 MB pdf).
R1150GS Fuel Gauge Repair How To Fix A Sticking Fuel Gauge (112 KB html).
R1150 Starter Post Install How to Install a Starter Direct Connector by Tony DeLorenzo (324 KB PDF).
R12 Cannisterectomy Removing the Cannister on a R1200ADV by Tony DeLorenzo (560 KB PDF).
R12GS 2 GSA Tank Swap Instructions on fitting a GSA tank on a GS (560 KB PDF).
R12GS Final Drive Fluid Change Photo instructions on changing the R12GS final drive oil (html document).
R259 Crank Angle Sensor Diagnosis/Repair Of The Hall Effect Sensor by Dana Hager (1.4 MB PDF).
R259 Ignition Test Box Make Your Own Ignition Timimng Test Box by Dana Hager (282 KB PDF).
R259 TDC Tool Make Your Own TDC Locating Tool by Dana Hager (151 KB PDF).
Setting the TPS Setting the TPS on the Oilhead (212 KB PDF).
Squeeking Starter Repair Does your BMW have a Squeeking Starter? (536 KB PDF).
TBSD Oilhead Throttle Body Synching for Dummies (402 KB PDF).
Tire Changer Mods Mods For A Tire Changing Stand For GS Spoked Wheels (180 KB PDF).
Tire Changing Thread Neduro's thread that covers tire changing with pictures (html document).
Trip Planning for CA Jeff Munns Trip Planning Guide for Central America (148 KB .pdf document).